3-4 December 2012 Infosys Campus, Hyderabad
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Monday, 3 December
Introduction of Participants, Goals and Objectives of Consultation Video  
G Dileepkumar
Infosys perspectives and expectations Video  
Samson David
MANAGE perspectives and expectations Video  
B Srinivas
ICAR perspectives and expectations- Extension Video  
K D Kokate
NAARM perspectives and expectations Video  
Surender Lal Goswami
ICAR perspectives and expectations- Education Video  
Arvind Kumar
UFL perspectives and expectations Video  
Teri Balser
GFAR perspectives and expectations Video  
Ajit Maru
IFAD perspectives and expectations Video  
Malu Muia Ndavi
Launching of AgEDOpen Courseware platform Video  
Rosana P Mula
Message by DG, ICRISAT Video  
William D Dar
Sub Theme 1: ICT Innovations for Revitalizing Agricultural Extension
Session I - Best Practices and Experiences
Digital Green Video Presentation K Arokiam
ITC Video Presentation Venkata Krishna
Reuters Market Light Video Presentation Mangesh Wange
CABI Video Presentation Sharbendu Banerjee
E-Sagu Video  
P Krishna Reddy
Session 2: Policy and Perspectives

MANAGE Video Presentation V P Sharma
CRIDA Video Presentation Sreenath Dixit
MSSRF Video   Nancy J Anabel
ICAR Video Presentation Himanshu
NAARM Video Presentation Sandhya Shenoy
Session 3: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges

CSC Video   Dinesh Kumar Tyagi
UFL Video Presentation Rao Mylavarapu
ACRC Video Presentation Raji Reddy Danda
ICRISAT/Infosys/ILFS Video   G Dileepkumar/ Radhika/ AK Krishna Kumar
Tuesday, 4 December
Sub Theme 2 Panel:  ICT Innovations for Revitalizing Agricultural Education
Tech Models for 21 Century: UFL Video Presentation Teri Balser
Innovative Educational Approaches: NAARM Experiences        Video Presentation Surender Lal Goswami
International Education Center: UFL Video Presentation Ramesh Reddy
Skill Development: Experiences from ILFS Video Presentation Krishna Kumar/
Sri Lekha

Emerging Opportunities and Challenges

Experiences from TNAU Video Presentation E Vadivel
Open Access Repositories: ICRISAT Video Presentation M Madhan
KSI Connect: ICRISAT Video Presentation P J Modi
Village Resource Centers: NRSC Video Presentation Saindranath Jonna
Experiences from CRIDA Video Presentation K Nagasree
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