Thursday, 28 February



Peter Q Craufurd, Suhas P Wani, KV Sarvesh,
V Chandrasekhar, Balaji, Kaushik Mukherjee, SA Patil, William D Dar, SV Ranganath, K Krishnappa  

Technical Session I
GoK-CGIAR Initiative to improve rural livelihoods: Benchmark characterization and proposed interventions Video Presentation Suhas P Wani
Technical Session II : Detailed Work Planning
Group 1 : Inputs mobilization including machineries for benchmark sites Video Presentation Siddaraju, Subbaiah
Group 2 : Convergence and district coordinators Video Presentation BK Dharmarajan
Group 3 : Capacity building and awareness enhancement &
Group 4 : Interventions and demonstration
Video Presentation Presentation Shankarappa
TK Prabhakara Setty
Friday, 01 March
Technical Session III: Bhoochetana 1 – What We have Achieved and What We Missed 
Overview of Bhoochetana progress and learnings,
Challenges faced for mobilizing inputs and solutions
Video Presentation Suhas P Wani
KV Sarvesh
Capturing data from crop cutting experiments in state production
  KV Raju
Recommendation of the BC2 Kharif plan work shop held at Belgaum on 28th Jan 2013  Presentation BK Dharmarajan
Technical Session IV: Sharing of Experiences from Districts: Innovations, Learnings and Challenges
Presentation by JDAs


Presentation by ADAs    
ADA, Koppal taluk, Koppal district Presentation
ADA, Hassan taluk, Hassan district Presentation
ADA, Tiptur taluk, Tumkur district Presentation
Technical Session V: Bhoochetana Mission Program : (BCMP-BCIP)
What is new in Bhoochetana II
Presentation Suhas P Wani
Social networks for Agricultural Development Presentation Rikin Gandhi
Improved new cultivars seed introduction strategy    Presentation K Anandakrishna
Saturday, 02 March
Overview of Day 2 Video    
Technical Session VII
Group 1: Inputs requirement   Presentation  
Group 2: Capacity building: Innovative extension and awareness building Video Presentation  
Group 3: Documents and dissemination   Presentation  
Group 4: Convergence to enhance impact and data recording   Presentation  

Group 5: Climate change network

Video Presentation  
Group 6: Seed Production   Presentation  
Concluding Session
Vision of agricultural development in Karnataka through Bhoochetana II and CGIAR initiative,
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KV Sarvesh, KH Anantha  
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