ICRISAT 40th Anniversary Science Symposium
24-25 September 2012
How can smallholder farming feed the world and promote economic growth?
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Opening Session:     Chair: Adama Traore
Symposium Overview Video Dave Hoisington
Opening Remarks Video Nigel Poole
ICRISAT’s Strategic Plan to 2020 Video Presentation William Dar
The challenges and opportunities of smallholder farming in the semi-arid tropics Video Presentation
Akinwumi Adesina (Abstract)
Plenary Session:      Chair: Dr RS Paroda
The future of small holder farming in an emerging economy Video   Bina Agarwal (Abstract)
The roles the private sector plays in smallholder farming Video Presentation
Marco Ferroni (Abstract)
Parallel Session 1:     Chair: Harold Roy-Macauley      Rapporteur: P Craufurd
Resilient smallholder farming systems for a changing world Video Presentation Sieglinde Snapp (Abstract)
How should smallholder farmers address soil fertility Video Presentation
Marjatta Eilitta (Abstract)
Parallel Session 2:      Chair: Dr Gry Synnevag          Rapporteur: Cynthia Bantilan
Innovation, Incentives & Empowerment – Essential Ingredients to ensuring Global Food Security Video Presentation Prem Warrior (Abstract)
Addressing the gender dimension in smallholder farming Video Presentation
Libor Stloukal (Abstract)
Parallel Session 3:      Chair: Swapan Datta              Rapporteur: Vincent Vadez
Impacting Smallholder Farmers in Africa Using Technologies from Public-Private Sector Institutions: A case of Africa Harvest Tissue Culture (TC) Banana Model Video Presentation Florence Wambugu (Abstract)
Feed the Future – focusing on value chains for smallholder farmers Video Presentation
Rob Bertram (Abstract)
Parallel Session 4:      Chair: Jitu Shah                       Rapporteur: CLL Gowda
The role of smallholder producer organization/company (PC) in economic development and feeding the world and promoting economic growth Video Presentation Subhash Mehta (Abstract)
Is modern ICT the answer to extension? Video Presentation
Asha Kanwar (Abstract)
Plenary Session:     Chair: Molapo Qhobela
Is Micro Credit necessary for smallholder farming to succeed? Video Presentation
Radha Singh (Abstract)
Smallholder farmers confronting rain-fed agriculture:
lessons learnt as we approach the MDGs of 2015
Video Presentation Rodney Cooke (Abstract)
Closing Session:     Chair: Debby Delmer
Feedback from Parallel Sessions Video

Gry Synnevag, Harold Roy-Macauley, Swapan Datta and Jitu Shah

Roundtable Discussion – Lessons and advice for ICRISAT


Adama Traore, Gry Synnevag, Molapo Qhobela, Harold Roy-Macauley, Raj Paroda, Swapan Datta, JituShah

Closing Remarks Video Nigel Poole
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