Title: “Genomic & Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative”



The presentation will provide a brief review of genomic selection (GS), provide insights into GS strategies, and discuss some key lessons learned implementing GS in a large industrial breeding program. Discussions on GS will be followed up with an introduction to the Genomics & Open-Source Breeding Informatics initiative (GOBII) with discussion on strategies for early stage development of the GOBII system and a high-level presentation of the proposed system architecture.


Dr Kelly Robbins
Genomic & Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative (GOBII)
Cornell University, USA


Dr. Kelly Robbins accepted the Director position for the Genomic & Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative (GOBII) in May of this year. He holds a BS degree in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee (2002), a MS degree in Animal Breeding from the University of Georgia (2005), and a PhD in Statistical Genomics from the University of Georgia (2007).  Following graduate school, he took a research position in quantitative genetics at Dow AgroSciences and was named leader of the Quantitative Genetics group in 2011. His research centers on the use of mixed models, Bayesian methodologies, and machine learning algorithms for modeling of genomic data with applications in plant and animal breeding, as well as human health. During his 7 years at Dow AgroSciences, Dr. Robbins was a key driver of the successful implementation of genomic selection in the temperate maize breeding program and has extensive experience working with marker systems, developing models for genomic prediction, and optimizing breeding programs for integration of GS.