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 Title : Construction of maize haplotype map, transition from single genome to pan-genome reference


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Dr Qi Sun
Computational Biology Service Unit
Life Sciences Core Laboratories Center
Cornell University
Ithaca USA


Abstract :

The maize HapMap project is an international collaboration with genomic sequencing data contributed by research laboratories from US, China, France and Germany. The maize HapMap v3 was built with whole genome sequencing data from 1218 maize lines, covering pre-domestication and domesticated Zea mays varieties across the world. One of the limitation of HapMap v3 was that it uses B73 genome as its reference, which only represented a fraction of genetics diversities in maize. The ongoing work on 4th generation of maize Hapmap uses the maize pan-genome as its reference.

Biography :

Qi Sun is the co-director of the Bioinformatics Facility of Cornell University. He has a background in genetics and bioinformatics. As the main bioinformatics service provider for Cornell University, his group has extensive research collaborations with many biology laboratories internationally. Qi Sun serves as co-PIs on several plant genomics projects including the Panzea Project which studies the genetic architecture of maize (www.panzea.org); the Vitisgen Project which aims to accelerating grape variety development via high density markers (www.vitisgen.org); and the C3C4 project doing comparative transcriptomics and proteomics studies of C3 and C4 plants.  Qi Sun is one of the co-PIs of the GOBII project (http://gobiiproject.org/) to develop computational infrastructure enabling big data analysis in breeding programs in the developing world. Qi Sun got his Ph.D. in Genetics from Caltech. After his Ph.D. he briefly studied human genetic diseases at Harvard Medical School. The he switched to the Bioinformatics field working as a senior scientist at Incyte Genomics, at a time when the release of the first draft of human genome opened a whole new world to the life science.